2 steps to get promoted!

Ever wondered why does it seems like it’s always the same people who get all the attention, recognition and the reward in your company?

Do you wish to get promoted from your current role, but not sure how to make that happen?
After several years working in the corporate world, I have had the opportunity to observe successful people around me who have been promoted. As well as clench a few promotions myself too!
What’s interesting about the “getting promoted” process is that it always the same rules that get you ahead of your competition. In my eBook Get The Promotion You Deserve – The Career Ladder, I explain all the steps to develop your career. For you, I reveal two of them right now.

1. Get motivated:

Motivation is absolutely everything to get through a job promotion. The steps you will have to make will take time and will require a strong willpower. Motivation will be the drive you need to accomplish all the improvements needed. This motivation shouldn’t be based only on salary increase. If you have your eyes on a higher level position then the money will most of the time follow as well as new and heavier responsibilities; so you have to think about this too.
Use any source of motivation you can get. Usually surrounding yourself with like-minded people helps tremendously. Build up a motivational playlist that you’d listen to at times when you’ll need to get an extra push.  Read motivational books and or subscribe to a motivational podcast.


2. Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone

Be curious and learn new skills. Discover all areas of the business. How does your company works? Where do the finances come from? How is it managed and why? This step is important because it will give you a deep understanding on why certain decisions are taken and will also help you to bring relevant improvements in the internal systems of the company.

Believe that you can learn from anybody. Be curious and start to get to know your co-workers and what their daily job is about.


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Here’s to YOUR success,

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Author: By_Soheir

Style Nation UAE Editor

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