Merchandising 101 | How To Sell Beauty

One of the main ingredients to selling anything you want is to make this thing beautiful.

The product presentation & packaging is as important as the quality of the product itself.

The way you position your product highly influences your potential customers into their buying decisions.

It’s also part of their customer experience with your brand. It also plays a heavy part on the perception of the quality of the product. That’s also what your customers will compare the price up against.

  • Ideas to present your products in a better way:
  • Have a model wear the item
  • Use bright flat lays
  • Look-books or add other items that can be used with it
  • Use video to show the product details
  • Use beautiful packaging
  • Use Easy to open / reusable / collector packaging
  • Use details / prices comparison board (For services)
  • In action product image / video
  • Insert graphic design / text on the product images


Author: By_Soheir

Style Nation UAE Editor

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