How To talk to your customers

If you want to connect on a deeper level with your audience assure to speak the same language. No, I don’t mean English, Spanish, or else, but every tribe has it’s own language, it’s own way of communicating with each others. This is the “type” of language you should appropriate yourself and use seamlessly in all your communications with audience, from your sales copy to your online marketing efforts. These are five steps to put you on the right track.

1 / Don’t bore them with specifications but SELL the results of using your product or service

2 / Make your website and social media profiles visually engaging. Your target audience “Language” can also be visual, after all a pictures is worth a thousands words, so use the right ones

3 / Share stories of success, because people who follow you, support you and love hearing about your success it inspires them

4 / Appeal to your audience’s emotions of any sort, the point here is to create a strong reaction

5 / Be entertaining when appropriate and kick off the conversation


Author: By_Soheir

Style Nation UAE Editor

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