Salut Gorgeous!

Marhaba, It’s SO lovely to meet you!

I’d like to personally thank you for taking a moment from your busy life to visit my By Soheir pages!

Are you looking for style inspiration? Look no further because you are in for a treat!

I believe in keeping things simple and REAL so the opinions stated are fully my own.

I have created this blog in the early days of the year 2012 to share my passion for fashion designing. I’m also passionate about working and building on new projects, so I have decided to add the business side of life in this blog.

Those pages are definitely for the Hijabi Careerista!

Get to know me…


“… my courses notes were filled up with fashion sketches on the edges of the papers…

Couture is in my blood, I come from a family of ex-employees of the fashion industry. Making clothes has always been part of my entire life for as far as I can remember. Being born and growing up in France re-enforced my love for fashion, after all, Style is the number one religiously followed “national sport” where I come from…

Back in my school days, my courses notes were filled up with fashion sketches on the edges of the papers… I’ve lost the count of how many teachers whom this had annoyed.

My TOP fashion designers are Elie Saab, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano (during the Dior days), Jean-Paul Gautier, Michael Cinco (that I had the pleasure to interview last year at Fashion Forward Dubai), Zuhair Murad.

Those Designers have always influenced my creations and personal style, and This is something I hope to share with you on this blog.

The collection I’m the most proud of so far is ” Les Septs Merveilles” ( The Seven Wonders) that I have hand crafted especially for a charity fashion show in Dublin (Ireland)


I believe that nothing can keep you away too long from what you’re meant to become

I started blogging since my high school days. I have had so many (tooo many) blogs with different focuses and stopped blogging for about a year since 2015. I focused more on helping online businesses succeed through business coaching. I also have finished writing an e-book, that I started back in the days I was working for Microsoft, named The Career Ladder / Boss Up.

With time passing I realised how much I missed blogging about Couture and fashion; so, here I am  at it again… I believe that nothing can keep you away too long from what you’re meant to become.

With this blog, I invite you into my journey of developing my creations, What inspires me and behind the scenes shots. I often Vlog on my Facebook page @BySoheirTV

I also want to share life and inspirational content; because I believe that dreams are too important in life to not mention them. If you’re following me on Instagram (Big shout out to you dear ), then you know what kind of content I love to share.

Fashion is a business and therefore, I will keep sharing business related content but strictly in the fashion industry or Online business growth areas this time On my Muslim Grinders Show (YouTube).

I love working on look-books & street-styles and hope to include more of this type of work that I develop with my sexy husband who’s a great photographer!

I’m a social butterfly, so I will take you with me to ALL fashion industry related events I will attend.

Lastly but not least, as a women I love beauty and hair style, besides they are essential to complete a fashion show; so I will be including a LOOOT of this type of content too in here.

Some posts MIGHT be sponsored (although that’s absolutely NOT the type of content I want to prioritise here) in which case I will clearly state it at the TOP of my blog post.


My favourite place to be is under the water…

I’m a bit of a tom boy, loooove cars! Especially racing sports cars such as Formula one (That’s why I live near the Yas Marina Circuit F1 track) GOOO ALONSO!!! lol

I was born in France; My first name is Egyptian; My family is Algerian; Each one of my family members (including myself) is married to some one of a different nationality (Mash’Allah we are an international Muslim family, This is so rare and I’m SO proud of this!) and I currently live in Abu Dhabi. Before this, I used to live in Ireland…

I love FOOD and fine food with CHEESE (yeah I know, I’m sooo FRENCH) but nothing’s better than a good shawarma & fries OR my mom’s Couscous Chicken Tajiine (O.M.G.!!! lol).

If I’m not working, at home (or at the mall lol) you will find me on the beach (The off tack Yas kite surf beach or Saadiyat Island Public Beach). My favourite place to be is under the water…

PS: I am always looking for talented blogger & photographers based in the UAE for collaborations, so if you are interested please get in touch!

To pitch a brand/product/service, please drop me an email at OR fill up the contact form below

(no promises of features can be made.)


H.E. Soheir K Ghanem

Twitter & Instagram @By_Soheir





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